Printing from Zotero


The recent update which allows us to view PDF files within Zotero is nice. Here I have two suggestions:

First, when I send printing jobs from Zotero, the printer will print out the first page, then pause for approximately 38 seconds, print the second page, pause again for another 38 seconds, print out the third page...

This delay does not appear if I am printing from "Preview" (the macOS app).

Second, the time it takes for Zotero to "Prepare document for printing" is not quite short, it would be great if this process can be expedited.

Best regards
Yiyu Zhou
  • Also, I just noticed another issue that is even more disturbing, the exact same document printed by Zotero and Preview has different quality! The document printed by Zotero is more blurred!

    Please let me know if you would like to see pictures, I can send those to your email.

    Please! Please! Please fix!

  • FYI, the printer I am using is "HP Color Laser Jet MFP M281".
  • Printing from pdf.js (which Zotero uses) is frequently not as good as PDF readers like Acrobat or Preview. I'd just open PDFs from those (Show File --> Open with) for printing. I'd be surprised if this were a quick fix.
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