Copying collections from MyLibrary to a group library

edited August 12, 2022
There seems to be a disturbing error:

I want to copy a collection from MyLibrary to a group library.
The collection contains some sub-collections. The sub-collections contain entries/items with and without a meta-data wrapper.

When I drag the collection from MyLibrary to a group library, only entries/items that have a meta-data wrapper appear in their proper place in the sub-collections. Simple PDFs or emails without a meta-data wrapper are NOT copied to the subcollection but appear only in the top-most general collection of the group library and thus lose their context.

It is even not possible to drag a simple PDF (without meta-data wrapper) from MyLibrary to a sub-collection in the group library. The PDF simply appears in the top-most general collection of the group library.

(Zotero standalone 6.0.10 on Windows 10)
  • Thanks for reporting. I believe this should now be fixed in the latest Zotero beta — it was a regression in a recent version. Can you install the beta and confirm that it fixes the problem for you?
  • @distillman

    Thanks for your fast response!

    This solves only half of the problem:

    - Drag&Drop from My Library to group library now also copies standalone files.

    - Exporting a collection from My Library and reimporting it into a group library still drops all standalone files.
  • I'm talking about the issue in this thread. It sounds like you're saying it fixes it.
  • Yes, the issue in this thread is fixed!
  • OK, great, thanks. The fix will be included in Zotero 6.0.12 soon.

    We'll look at the issue in the other thread separately.
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