A trick that doesn't work for avoiding parenthesis in citations

I often have the need to avoid extra parenthesis in in-text citations. For example, when I want to write "(see, e.g., Jones (2021))", I use Zotero's omit author feature which allows me to avoid getting "(see, e.g., (Jones 2021)). However, I have to manually type in "Jones" when I have used omit-author.
I have tried using the prefix feature in the quick citation interface, putting "Jones" in the prefix field. However, that does not lead to the desired result. I get "Jones Jones 2021" instead. Is it possible to use the prefix field in this way?
  • For this particular scenario I'd use "see, e.g." in the prefix for ( see, e.g., Jones 2021), which I think is more common anyway. For your desired output, omit author is the only option
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