Need help editing citation style

I want to use the citation style Citation Compass ( but I want the endnote/footnote citations to be in the exact same style as the bibliography. For example, instead of seeing this:

i Musk 2006

I would like to see this:

i Musk, E. (2006, August 2). The secret Tesla Motors master plan (just between you and me). Tesla Blog.

I really need to figure this out ASAP for a paper I am working on so any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  • Is this for a specific journal that you want to submit to?
    Probably easier for us to make a style and add it to the repository than you figuring out.

    But otherwise, you'd copy everything you find at the bottom of the style under bibliography > layout and add that to citation > layout a bit above.
    You'd then run it through the validator to make sure no errors appear:

    See also for editing styles:
  • Not for a specific journal, just for a professor that I am working with who wants specific citation styles. Thank you though! Everything worked perfectly.
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