brackets around "and others" but in bibliography only

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This is I guess a csl question. I'm trying to set up a style that uses "and others" in citations, and "[and others]" (in square brackets) in the bibliography. There are different rules for number of authors to trigger the text, but that's not the problem. How do I specify the brackets for the full references?

For citations, I have the following: (uhh, guess I can't post csl code)
<citation et-al-min="3" et-al-use-first="1" name-as-sort-order="all" disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" collapse="year">
<layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">
<text macro="author-short"/>

. . .
For bibliography, I have:
<bibliography et-al-min="5" et-al-use-first="3" hanging-indent="false">
<group font-style="normal" font-variant="normal" font-weight="bold" text-decoration="none">
<text macro="author"/>

. . .

In the macros, I have, for example:
<macro name="author-short">
. . .
<names variable="author">
<name form="short" and="text" delimiter-precedes-last="never" initialize-with=". " name-as-sort-order="all"/>
<et-al term="and others"/>

. . .

<macro name="author">
. . .
<names variable="author">
<name delimiter="; " initialize-with="." name-as-sort-order="all"/>
<label form="short" prefix=" " strip-periods="false"/>
<et-al term="and others"/>

. . .

Where/how do I put instructions for brackets in bibliography only? Adding it to the author's et-al element, either as part of the term text or as prefix/suffix, do not work.
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    The et-al element in CSL does not support prefix or suffix. The best workaround for this would be to redefine the “et al” term in the locale section of the style to be “[and others]”, then to use the “and others” term in the author-short macro and the “et al” term in the author macro. Take a look at apa.csl for examples of defining terms in a style locale section.
  • Thanks very much @bwiernik. I managed to figure out the code based on your advice. For the less learned, like me:

    The locale section looks like this:
    <term name="et-al"> [and others]</term>

    In author/editor macros where the plain "and others" should appear, under the names - name elements, I put <et-al term="and others"/>.

    In the full author macro, I didn't put that, so the default et al., which is 'translated' to " [and others]", is used. At least, I think that's how it is working.
  • Yep, that’s right. One thing: you don’t need the space before [ in the term. That’s added automatically for the et-al term in names
  • Hmmm . . . I added that space in the term after trying it and seeing no space resulted. Maybe something else isn't set up right. Anyway, it works . . .
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