Thoughts on collections and performance

edited August 9, 2022
Hi there,

Making order in my library last week-end I am considering to do the following:

- using a Dewey-like classification system (shorter than the whole theorical list) for example from 000 to 900 only, that goes up to no more than 10 collections.

- also create collection by decade from 1950 (older would be classified are classic or other, as I have no historian specific needs).

- and also collection for top authors: most cited, most read, or whatsoever criteria (let say Bourdieu etc. for sociology).

- maybe another collections for the type of material (press, peered-reviewed, parliament debates...)

- last, to replicate the collections above with tags.

The rationale is to be able to shortlist my searches starting from different points of zotero interface (collections, tags). Alternative if I am not wrong is to click on the corresponding column to order a list of reference according to date, autor, item type (and more). Expected result and the point of this is to cut some clicks.

Is anybody already tried this and have some feedback?
Any risks you see? Any thoughts?

Also, when does the number of collections start to impact performance?
Does it change anything if I work with my sub-collections opened (arrow pointing down in the left column) or closed (arrow pointing right)?

PS1: I thought of a mix of Dewey and RAMEAU system. Also I got inspiration from "facette display", in how kerko make use of your zotero references, see: (end of the page). Thing is I cannot build it on a server (no skill, no time).

PS2: I also considered special collections and tags for project related items i.e my thesis, an essay, etc. Collections could add up to match the summary of my thesis (intro, litt. review, method, datas...) with arbitrary limits for convenience (no more than 10 sub-collection per project...). And last type of collections are the class I had during my master and bachelor studies (30 more or less).

Thanks for any feedback

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