Customize the size of the Quick Search bar

I would like to make the Quick Search bar wider, so that I can see more of the content written in it.

I am using Zotero on a large screen. For better readability, I increase the font size:
For the first 2 font size increases, the text in the search bar also increases. Therefore the amount of text I can see decreases.
I would like to be able to see typically the length of a DOI at least, or 1 title, or 2 Creators + Year. In most of these cases, I go over the limit of what is visible in the quick search bar.

At the moment, I have a very large empty horizontal space between the advanced search button and the Quick Search bar. I guess that this empty space could be better used by an adjustable width Quick Search bar.

The new width of the Quick Search bar should be persistent, even after closing and reopening Zotero, as I will probably reopen Zotero on a similar monitor size every time.
I see that the current size of the Quick Search bar sets the minimum width of the app window. So the width will probably need to be adjusted when resizing the Zotero window, starting when it reaches the advanced search button, and probably keeping the current setting as minimum.

When I increase the font size 3 times, the font in the Quick Search bar goes back to the smaller default font size. Ideally, it would be good if the height of the search bar could be increased according to the requirements of the font size.
A smaller partial fix could be to keep the font size in the Quick Search bar at the largest size that it can fit, instead of going back to the smaller default size.
  • I agree with the proposal to make the default width for the quick search bar to be the largest fit.

    I can't post a screenshot, but right now it's so tiny on my monitor that I struggled to find it initially. It's just wide enough to fit the words "Title, Creat".

    Please make it at least somewhat wider. Thanks
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