Differentiating imported metadata keywords from tags

I am experimenting before importing my 5,600 references from Sente to Zotero, exporting bib files from Sente and importing those into Zotero.
One issue is that for each reference that had a publisher created list of keywords in the metadata, these are imported as tags, so I would end up with a huge number of tags irrelevant to me in Zotero. My user created tags in Sente (from which smart collections were populated) are also listed in the keywords list in the bib file, so are also imported as tags, but swamped with the many others from the imported keywords.
The workaround that I have found is, before importing each collection, to open the bib file with a text editor, replace all the instances of "keywords =" with "xs =", and replace all the instances of "tags =" with "keywords =". This way, the publishers' lists of keywords are ignored and my Sente tags are imported as Zotero tags.
I am posting this to find out if there is a more elegant way of setting apart publishers' keywords from user created tags.
  • BibTeX doesn't have a distinction between what Zotero calls "manual" and "automatic" tags — keywords is the only valid field. tags would just be a custom field that Sente is adding. So there's not really anything we can do here in a standard BibTeX importer.
  • Thank you, dstillman.
    So, unless there is a better way to import a Sente library into Zotero, I will carry on with the BibTex files and use my workaround to ignore the "automatic" tags [keywords].
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