Neooffice crashing when using Firefox


I've been experiencing crashes in NeoOffice when using Firefox. All my software is updated, running Zotero 2.7.4b and OpenOffice extension 3.0a5, NeoOffice 3.0.1 Patch 1, running on OSX 1.6.2. The problem is that it's so unpredictable that I can't seem to reproduce it, but I'm starting to wonder if it only happens when I close Firefox. What's odd is that I'm not getting an error from NeoOffice. The app just isn't running anymore. When I launch it again I'm greeted with the document recovery window. Is there a crash report document I can lift from somewhere, that I can post here, to help you guys out?
  • Plug-in plays along fine here on OS 10.5.8 / Neo 3 .01 patch1/ FF 3.5.5

    Have you tried removing and reinstalling the Firefox plug-in? Checked in the prefs of the plug-in that the entries for the Java directory and the soffice Executable are pointing to where they are one your HD?
    good luck, kithairon
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