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Bibtex provides the export of citation information such as citation count. This count does not seem to be part of the zot import. Am I missing something somewhere. When dealing with thousands of records in zot it would be nice to see how cited a paper is.

Is there a way to do this? what would be the process?
  • You'd have to be more specific about what BibTeX field you're referring to.
  • This is a portion of the Bibtex export from Web Of Science (see below). During the export you can choose certain fields to export. I chose all of the ones having to do with citations, because it is a major factor in choosing to include it in future writing.
    The Times-Cited would be the most useful field.

    Number-of-Cited-References = {22},
    Times-Cited = {78},
    Usage-Count-Last-180-days = {1},
    Usage-Count-Since-2013 = {30},

    Could this be included in the 'Info' tab (right panel)? If so, then there would also need to be a 'less than/greater than' field value options in Advanced Search's drop down.

    The presenting issue here is that I have limited time access to the university's reach beyond the 'pay-wall' (Web of Science, Scopus, etc), so I must collect a large amount of papers quickly, then post-process them at home. Citation count would be one filtering process.

    Oddly, the bibtex import from a Scopus export, puts the citation count in a 'note' per each paper in zot, (which you can manually peruse), but this does not occur for Web of Science imports. Putting the citation count in a note is better than nothing, but pretty time consuming when dealing with large amounts of papers across many zot collections.

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    OK, those aren't actual BibTeX fields — those are just custom fields added by Web of Science. The Web of Science translator could put them in Extra or in a note — that's what the Scopus translator is doing, it sounds like — but that would be specific to that site when using the Save to Zotero button and wouldn't apply generally to BibTeX imports, including imports from BibTeX files exported from WoS.
  • OK. Thx for your insight.
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