Desperate request: Style for German historical sciences (e.g. U Bremen/ U Hamburg)

Hi, I've been trying very desperately for days to create a style for my department for my dissertation and just can't get it to work.

I'll link here the style guides I'm using to orient myself. Unfortunately everything in only in German. I would be infinitely grateful if someone could create me a suitable style. By now I am so desperate that I would even pay for it.

Style U Hamburg:

Style U Hamburg short (from page 3 on)

Style U Bremen:

If you're able to help please contact me here or via
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    Please provide all of the information below to enable someone to help you. By providing the exact information in the exact detail someone may be able to make minor changes to an existing style and thus, help you quickly.

    From Zotero user guide:

    If you can't find the style you're looking for in the Zotero Style Repository, feel free to request a style. The link below will take you to a github page with another link with the details.

    ***When requesting styles, please provide formatted references for the Campbell/Pedersen article and the Mares chapter listed on the linked page. Please also provide a link to a free-to-access article using the style (if available).
  • CC @damnation -- see above.

    @klaasanders: I also saw your email to, but everyone relevant is already in the loop here, so not going to respond to that separately (just so you're not waiting).

    Generally I'd expect that you'd have to pay if you just want someone to create the style for you. There's just not enough time to generate school/departement specific custom styles for free. If you did work on this yourself and just have a couple of questions or need help with something specific, we'd be happy to do that here.
  • I'm unclear which exact university and faculty this style is for since you're mentioning 2 universities.
  • Thank you all for your answers!

    I try my best to clearify my request:

    I am looking for a style for the U Bremen (history). Hamburg is similar and a bit simpler, that's why I had added it.

    I have a csl file that is similar to what I am looking for. I link it here:

    Which would help me in the short term: In this file URLs are not shown in the footnotes for online documents. I would have to change that and don't know how. Also, the (Hg.) (German short for Editors) is missing in the bibliography for the respective puplications.

    Otherwise, the style is not exactly what I am looking for, but it would be very detailed to describe what needs to be changed. With the changes, it would be usable for me for now.

    Does anyone here know what the procedure and cost would be to have a style created?

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    Here. I fixed those 2 issues for you.
    Note that I changed the name of the "pages" macro to "locators" as that's better fitting, then added the else-if for webpages there.

    You can use diffchecker to see what the exact changes were that I made.
  • Thank you so much! This does help me a lot!
    I have one minor problem left: as you can see here, zotero generates dopple blanks at the page number e.g.:

    Do you know how/where to change this?
  • Line 484 seems to have duplicated space.
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