PDF files on a local computer as attachment -> transfer as attachments to Items in Zotero library

Hi, I am using Zotero fo a long time but so far I have always created attachments to Items in the form of PDF files on a local computer.
However, now with the new Zotero features I would like to ask how it is possible to transfer all my "PDF attachments" that are stored on my local computer and my own folder to the Zotero library folder. I don't want to match the attachments items myself, but it shall do automatically (because I have more than 600 items with PDFs attachments).
Also, I ask because I guess without having all the PDF files in the Zotero library folder I would not be able to use the data syncing option/plan because the PDF files are in my own computer folder...
Thank you very much in advance for your answer.
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