"Act" instead of "Page"

Recently when I add a citation using Multiple Sources, Zotero defaults to Act instead of Page. I'm using Word and Zotero version 6.0.10; I'm using Chicago Manual 17th (full note) with footnotes, but I've tried other styles and had the same problem. I guess i inadvertently toggled something, but I've poked around a bit but don't see a way to reset this default. Can anybody help me out? Thanks.
  • edited August 6, 2022
    What do you mean "using Multiple Sources"? I assume you're referring to the classic citation dialog, but that's selecting Page by default properly for me.

    Can you provide exact steps to reproduce this, as well as a Report ID?
  • Ah, OK, I see what you're referring to. When adding multiple sources in the classic citation dialog, it switches to Act when you click the right-facing arrow to add an item to the list.

    We'll fix. For now, you can change it back manually or use the main citation dialog instead.
  • Fixed now in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in 6.0.12.
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