Now that the markdown format is supported in the notes editor, I hope to support the display of imag

In the note taking process, especially academic notes, pictures take up a large proportion and they are very useful. Since the zotero note editor already supports markdown format, why can't it support displaying pictures with links to pictures in markdown format, which inevitably solves the picture synchronization problem when paired with a graph bed
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    I'm not sure what you mean here. What exactly are you trying to do?

    If you're asking about adding images to notes within the note editor itself, that's already supported — you can drag or paste images or create image annotations in the built-in PDF reader and add those to notes.

    If you're asking about exporting Markdown with images, you'd have to be more specific about what exactly you're hoping for, since Markdown is a plain-text format. See my response here:
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    @dstillman In general markdown notes software, I often pair it with a picture bed to display images, for example, I capture an image, then will upload the image to the picture bed through Picgo software, it will automatically return to me a markdown format image link! [](url), then I paste this markdown format image link into markdown notes software (such as logseq or obsidian), and this markdown format image link will be rendered into the intercepted image just for display. But in zotero's note editor or notes, this formatted image link will not be rendered as an image for display. So I would like zotero to support this kind of image display, so that the images in zotero are not saved locally on the computer, but in the image bed server, and then the images in zotero notes can be synchronized with this markdown text

    (note: I took the images with a third-party screenshot tool, not the zotero pdf). The screenshot tool in the pdf reader can only save the images locally, and the location of the images is not customizable, and my attachments are synced via zotfile+OneDrive, so when I change my computer, the images in my notes cannot be synced)
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