How to add month and date to my references in bibliography

edited August 5, 2022
I am using Cite Me Right Harvard 11th edition.
When I cite two references, they are inserted in-text as (Truman, 1951a) and (Truman, 1951b), which is great.

Two issues are the following:
1. In the bibliography, those two references do not mention their publishing day and month and only year is visible. How can I add day and month?

2. The order of these two references are not according to the publishing date. That is, (Truman 1951a) was published in December 1951, while (Truman, 1951b) was in June 1951. In this case, how can I arrange the order by publishing date, so that the one published in Juen 1951 can become (Truman, 1951a) and the other one as (Truman, 1951b)?

I changed the references from web pages to manuscripts, but I can't fix them..

Thank you in advance.
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