Zotero is unavailable in the Connector

  • I was just about to report the same issue.. added Zotero as exception in the Firewall, but no clue if this did the trick. On another machine, I did not do it and it works fine.
  • Please describe your issue in full and what you have tried for troubleshooting so far. What OS and browser?
  • Hello, using the latest softs, Zotero 6.0.10 and Opera 89.0.4447.71 with Zotero Connector Version 5.0.97, Windows 10 64-Bit.

    After starting Zotero and Opera, they were not connecting "Zotero is currently unavailable", however reported "Zotero Connector Server is Available".
    I refreshed and waited several minutes. Not working. "Private network" FW is On. I added Z as exception. From that moment it connected.
  • We cannot help with Opera since we do not officially support it. It's likely caused by other extensions or some Opera security or privacy feature.
  • edited August 4, 2022
    I guess so, ... I'm aware, Opera gets low support. The only thing is, it works on another machine (some software configuration as mentioned above) without the FW-exception.
    How to understand this interface, does it need Zotero started first, then the browser? Does it include a waiting time, delay for the connection to setup etc.?
  • It doesn't get low support — it doesn't get any support. We can't help with Opera.

    But no, the order doesn't matter, and there's no delay.
  • Thanks for clarifying, I meant the same. Good, I keep an eye on it in case it happens again.
  • FYI. I faced the same issue after update to latest Zotero version using latest Opera. Ping still available. I deinstalled, reinstalled and reauthorized the extension. It works (again).
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