For markup cards in zotero, I would like to add a "Copy markup card link" function or option

When dragging and dropping the markup of the zotero pdf reading page to the obsidian, you can automatically append a link to the location of the markup in the original text and the content of the markup you made, but because the logseq is not the same as the obsidian, when dragging and dropping the markup in zotero to the logseq, there is no response, so you can only drag the markup to other So I can only drag the annotation to other text editors and then cut it to logseq, but that would be too much of a hassle. Could developers please add a "Copy card content and links" option to the right-click menu of cards in zotero, so that logseq is more closely integrated with zotero, and you can click on the markup in logseq to jump to the original markup in zotero? to the original markup in zotero
  • Dragging and Cmd/Ctrl-C are equivalent for copying PDF annotation as Markdown with links.
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