D221697414 Cannot get file from WdbDAV

WebDAV verified in iPhone zotero,yet still shows error that file not existed in webdav very quickly(without seemly a communication tries to webdav),in ipad and macos ,it works normal with same account and same webdav setting. debugid attached.
  • HTTP GET https://[…]/dav/zotero/7DW62QGX.zip failed with 404
    [ERROR] Zotero(+0000000): Download failed
    The file just doesn't exist on the server. See Files Not Syncing.
  • Hi,
    Thanks, yet I doubt its real error
    1. Very quick prompts to say file not existed ( less than 1s)
    2. All files have the problem
    3. All files in MacOs and ipad are good to download in zotero
    4. WebDav passed “verified” test in iphone.
  • edited August 4, 2022
    The app doesn't make up a 404 from the server, and there's nothing odd about the amount of time it's taking. You need to follow the steps on the page linked above.
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