Zotero becomes extremely slow

In the past months, my zotero became really slow. Any action takes about 10 seconds. I'm currently on the 2 GB plan and i can see that my storage is approaching that limit. Could that be the reason why it is so slow? Thanks.
  • No, it wouldn't be related to storage. (You also have no storage usage online. Did you purge storage? That's definitely not something you wanted to do.)

    Start by disabling any third-party plugins.

    If it's still slow, provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow.
  • Where can I find the "help" menu? Thanks
  • edited August 21, 2022
    In your operating system window that contains the Zotero program there will be the usual dropdown menus: Zotero/ File / Edit / View / Tools / Window / HELP.

    The menu titles and sequence I listed above are for Mac OS (I don't have Windows or Linux available) but the menu placement should be similar.

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