Copy pasting images in my notes suddenly not working

Until now I wasable to copy a screenshot of an article opened within the Zotero library to then paste it in a child note for that article. However suddently I am not able to and instead a grey box appears when I paste any image in my notes. At the moment I am not even able to drag screenshots from my desktop; like I used to do when copy pasting screenshots from the PDF was not available in previous Zotero versions.

The zotero version that I am using is 6.0.10 and I run it in a Mac (McOs Monterrey). I would appreciate any guidance on what to do about this. Thanks a lot in advance.
  • First, to be clear, if you're using the built-in PDF reader, there's no need to copy a screenshot — you can just create an image annotation in the PDF reader.

    As for pasting or dragging screenshots, have you tried restarting Zotero and/or your computer?
  • Thank you so much for your prompt response @dstillman . I did restart both Zotero and my computer before posting in case that was the issue. I can confirm that the image annotation function works , thanks for pointing that out, I did not know that this function existed. Taking a screenshot was more intuitive and fast for me using the keyboard shortcuts, so if the problem was on my end I wanted to see if there is a way to fix it, otherwise this built in function will do for now! Thanks a lot again
  • Just following up, one thing that I do not manage to do is to use the function that you suggested (image annotation) that shows the text highlighted. So with the screenshot I was able to highlight the text in different colors and take a screenshot of that, but when I do it with the image annotation, I get the original image without highlighting. If you know a way around that I would appreciate any leads. Thanks again
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    There's no way around that, no. Image annotations are for capturing visual sections of the original PDF, such as photos and figures.

    But your highlight annotations are already added to the PDF reader sidebar, and you can create a note with all of your annotations (including image annotations), with citations, links back to the original PDF, and your comments. I'm not sure why you'd need screenshots of the highlights.

    Read through the Zotero 6 announcement to make sure you're clear on the new functionality.
  • To be clear, you should still be able to drag images to Zotero notes, and we can try to debug that if it's not working — we'd want to start by understanding exactly what you're doing, step by step. But that's really for dragging external images, photos, etc., not screenshots from the PDF.
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