Zotero Ipad App won't open

Since this afternoon the iPad app won't open.

This happened before I installed the latest iPad IOS update; installing the update has not fixed the issue.

Does anyone else have this problem or know what is going on?
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    Anthony: What device, OS version, and Zotero app version? Do you know what you were doing immediately before this occurred?

    To be clear, you're not getting any sort of Debug ID before it closes?

    If you're not currently running the beta, you can try installing the beta version to see if that fixes the problem.
  • H Dan.

    iPad Pro 3rd generation 11 inch. Running 15.6 now, but was running the immediate prior software release when Z stopped working.

    I had been working on a large PDF. Then the iPad was idle for about 5 hours. When next tried to return to it (the app had not been closed, just background), it would not open.

    Now the behaviour is: click on icon, it briefly expands to full screen and then, having not managed to get there and sustain itself, quits to the background. When I close it from background, it fully quits, but will not subsequently open. Same pattern.

    No Debug ID that I can see (not sure what to expect here, but no error messages of any kind etc).

    In the other thread that atakanokan refers me to the user uninstalled and reinstalled, with success. I will try that next and then report!
  • As indicated, I have deleted and then re-installed the app. It all seems to be functioning well now.

    I also in this process established what to expect with the Debug procedure (and accidentally sent a log). Clearly this was not accessible to use before, as the App would not open; it was inaccessible.

    I'll update if there are any other adventures!

    Thanks for the App - it is terrific, and I look forward to its continued evolution!!
  • I also in this process established what to expect with the Debug procedure
    That’s different. The app will (try to) prompt you to submit a Debug ID at startup if there was a crash, but if the crash happens early enough during startup that won’t happen. It sounds like that was the case here.
  • Hi Dan,

    As of this afternoon the app is crashing whenever I try to open it again.
    It is now managing to tell me that it has sent a crash log

    Here are the ID numbers of the two most recent:



  • Would you mind installing the Zotero for iOS beta and seeing if that fixes the problem for you? You should do that without uninstalling the app first (which would almost certainly fix it, but we'd like to confirm that this is fixed in the beta).
  • Still seems to crash:

  • This is still crashing; so I guess the next step is to uninstall the current beta and the app (if it is still there?) and just install the beta by itself?
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    We're still investigating, but if you need to use the app, then yes, uninstalling and reinstalling will fix it. You can switch back to the App Store version (and leave the TestFlight beta group) if you don't want to stay on the beta.
  • @"Anthony J. Langlois" if you reinstalled the app and start crashing again, please let me know.
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