Zotero intermittently crashing while reading in bib info from firefox

Gathering references from a variety of sources mostly jstor pages and reading in either via jstor info or by doi using the connector. Today for the first time Zotero is crashing just after reading in the info (the info is present when I restart Zotero). This has happened multiple times. It works fine for several entries then crashes. Trying to re-scan the same info after a restart of zotero does not cause a crash. Have also restarted firefox but that did not change the behavior.

using the firefox addon Zotero Connector
firefox version 103.0.1
running zotero 6.0.10
MacOS 11.6.8

Put debug info in at

Many thanks
  • Do you mean crashing or freezing?

    Either way, disable all third-party plugins, which will almost certainly fix this, and reenable them one by one.

    If it's freezing, it's likely Better BibTeX.
  • Crashing. I've disable plugins and will try.
    Current plugins btw are
    Better BibTex
    DOI Manager
    Zutilo Utility for Zotero
    Zotero LibreOffice Integration
    Zotero Word for Mac Integration
  • edited August 3, 2022
    Likely DOI Manager. (The plugin isn't to blame, but there's a bug in the current version of the framework Zotero is built on on macOS that can cause these sorts of crashes with popups, particularly when using external monitors. It should be fixed in the next major version of Zotero.)
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