PDF Drag and Drop Feature not working

I am unable to drag and drop PDFs into my Zotero library. (I previously was able to do this without difficulty).

I do pay the subscription service for storage and usually can obtain reference information from Meta-Data once the PDF is imported. (Most of the time, I capture the information directly from the database, but I have a few articles that I need to import.) Can someone assist? TIA!
  • Can you successfully use the "Store Copy of File" function under the green plus sign? That's equivalent to drag & drop (this is for testing what precisely isn't working, obviously drag&drop should work).
  • No, I cannot. I get an error message that says "You cannot add files to the currently selected collection."

    This is a group library folder.
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    Either you're trying to save files to a group that doesn't have file sync enabled or directly to your Publications folder; neither is possible.

    edit: sorry, missed the last part -- this is the first issue then. The group doesn't allow file syncing. Talk to the group owner or, if that's you, check in the group settings online (note that public open groups don't allow file attachments)
  • THANK YOU! I am the group admin and made the suggested changes. It worked! I certainly appreciate your time and quick response.
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