sync issue

It's unlikely that this situation reoccurs again so just reporting in case this is helpful for troubleshooting annotation issues.

I had a problem with a sync conflict on startup + BibTex running on startup + MarcDBConnect running on startup

The sync conflict was due (I think) to me annotating a linked pdf, and then converting that linked PDF to a stored file with the same annotation. When the sync started running, Zotero discovered a conflict. I clicked the button to fix it. Zotero stalled. I restarted Zotero and got the conflict again.

Each time I tried to fix the sync conflict before BibTex & MarcDB are done starting up, I got the pizza of death. I had to restart several times with the same result. I got out of it by canceling the sync first, then waiting for the plugins to finish, then running the sync manually.

Just in case, here is the debug output for the last sync run (before that I couldn't start debugging).

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