Add period to end of note in customized Chicago author-date notes style


I'm trying to use a custom Chicago author-date style with citations in footnotes/endnotes, provided here:

However, the notes show as "Hosie 2021" instead of "Hosie 2021." Can anyone tell me how to add the period?

  • You didn't do what I had recommended in the other thread.
    You need to add suffix="." in line 597.
  • I tried to interpret your comment in the previous thread and could not figure out which line you were talking about, as the line you suggested editing already included that.

    Is there a way I can get Zotero to show me the line numbers? I'm not able to see numbering of the lines which makes it difficult to know which line is 597.

    Please kindly assume that people are trying their best to take the advice given, not ignoring it.
  • It's the other <layout line in the file — the one within the <citation> block that doesn't already have suffix=".", not the one in the <bibliography> block that does.

    We'll be adding line numbering to the built-in style editor in an upcoming version. (A lot of people editing code use text editors that show line numbers.)
  • Ahh now I've got it! Thanks!!!
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