attaching files to references within ios app

All of the below is done within the zotero ios app (iphone)

I have a pdf file and a reference item in zotero and both were added using the share button on safari.
So both are already within zotero and I would now like to attach the pdf to the reference item in zotero, how can I do it within ios app, what is the best workflow?

If I tap on the reference item and then tap edit, there is an option to "add an attachment", unfortunately I cannot access the storage location on my phone where the pdf was downloaded (by the way where is the local storage on ios for zotero, where are all the downloaded files?!).

One workaround is to use "save to files" rather than sending to zotero for the pdf from safari, then it is accessible from the "add an attachment" option. But this duplicates the file and it would be nice to do everything within zotero app. Actually it would be great if there were an option to attach a pdf to a reference item directly at the moment of download from safari.
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