Zotero for iOS not downloading/attaching PDF to record


I have seen many other reports of this problem but have not found a solution that works for me posted anywhere:

1. I am using Zotero for iOS 103 build 5 on an iPad Pro 5th Gen with IOS 15.5
2. When I try to add an article from Safari using the share to Zotero function it saves the record just fine with all metadata but it does not download/attach a PDF
3. This is the case for Open Access articles on SAGE and Taylor & Francis. It is not the case for some other bespoke/university systems of Open Access journals: i.e. it works fine. I have not tested it with Elsevier or other publishers.
4. In Settings / Saving - I have selected the option to save PDFs
5. When I try to share to Zotero from the PDF page neither the PDF nor the metadata from the article get added to my library
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