One bibliography for multiple word docs?

Dearest zotero gurus, I am about to submit a book manuscript to a press. The press wants separate word files for each chapter and a single bibliography. Is there a way to do this in zotero?

I have searched the forums and it seems like the best way is to wait until I have absolutely certainly completed all of my drafting and then paste all the chapters into a "whole book" word file, generate a bibliography, and then copy that into a new word file. Does this seem about right or is there a less cumbersome way?

  • That's the way, yes.
  • That is one option.
    You could also have all your paperd cited in a collection and then create a bibliography via right click and paste it where you need it.
  • Thanks, Dstillman adn Damnation!

    Damnation, I am not totally sure what you mean. My citations all come from one enormous collection (say 3k entries) but I probably only use a third for this project. Is there a way to reverse-add-to-collection from word?

    Sorry, that's probably phrased poorly-- what I mean is, is there a way to "create a collection" from within a word doc and then add the citations from other word docs to that collection?

    Thank you again. Even though switching from endnote was tedious, I am so glad I did it. Zotero is AMAZING.
  • Yes, using this tool and "Select in Zotero":
  • But there's not necessarily much point to that. To use Reference Extractor, you would need to either combine all the chapters into a single document (in which case you can just click Add/Edit Bibliography) or run it on each chapter individually and drag the items into a single collection in Zotero (which seems like more work).

    The main reason I can think of to use Reference Extractor for this would be if Add/Edit Bibliography was just taking prohibitively long (e.g., in a huge document in Mac Word, which unfortunately can be very slow).
  • ok. I think I get the plan. Thank you so much!
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