Some formatting of MLA citations is wrong

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  • I hope the update will address the major problem with formatting in Word documents. Some of the formatting of the MLA citations is just wrong. There is no way to edit the incorrect formatting without botching the references. It renders this "seamless application" useless. The formatting cannot be adjusted to reflect CORRECT MLA/APA/Turabian standards. For example, a video source from YouTube still needs proper formatting. This is fast becoming a nightmare. PROPER FORMATTING MATTERS! I cannot use the applications if it inhibits proper formatting citations. This causes grade markdowns, and worse - legal issues with publishing! Citations cannot be wrong - not ever. Either make a way to correct mistakes accurately without messing up the data, or correct the code for the format standards.

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    If you think you're getting incorrect output, provide specific examples of exactly what you're getting and exactly what you're expecting and someone will look into it.
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