U of Missouri new library catalog - connector changes needed

The University of Missouri will be permanently retiring its old III catalog soon. We now use Ebsco's FOLIO product for our catalog.

In the Zotero Connector (at least in Firefox; I haven't checked other browsers) it appears that our book records such as the example below are given an "article" icon (the white page as opposed to the blue book) when I'm looking at the book record, but actually get entered in my Zotero library as books and are given the appropriate icon when I bring them in and view them in Zotero itself. The book entriess themselves are mostly correct; the one consistent error is that the place of publication is not entered in the Place field of the book record in Zotero, and is also not included in the Publisher field.

Example book record: https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=cat09109a&AN=mer.oai.edge.umsystem.folio.ebsco.com.fs00001083.cfbc8a7d.5b3f.55d0.ba52.6dd2e07ac83b&site=eds-live&scope=site

The most urgent issue is to get Zotero's Place field filled with the city of publication. The rendering of the Zotero icon as the typical "book" icon in the browser when looking at the book record would be nice too, as it would reduce confusion.
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