groups libraries vs my libraries

edited July 24, 2022
I am a new user to Zotero and trying to work out when it is better to use my library over a group library. Apart from the ability to share a library, what are the differences/ (dis)advantages of using one over the other?
  • They are almost exactly the same. In My Library, in addition to syncing PDFs and other attachments in Zotero’s online storage, you can also sync them using any other cloud storage service that offers WebDAV support or you can link to files on your computer. In Group Libraries, for technical reasons, only Zotero’s online storage is available.

    Beyond sharing and true different available storage options, the two are the same. I personally suggest using My Library generally and using groups either when you want to share something with a colleague or when you are doing a project that needs its own self-contained library (eg, a systematic review where the search results need to be tracked and kept separate from your other research libraries)
  • Thanks for this explanation. my work often contains self contained projects that make it easier if kept separate so I'll mostly be using groups then. Can I cut and paste folders between my library and groups?
  • Drag and drop, yes, which achieves copy (not cut) and paste
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