Mendeley import only some annotations


I'm importing a massive library from Mendeley (with folders & sub-folders) and noticed that some of the PDFs are missing their annotations (highlights, underlines). I'm not sure if there's a systemic way they're selecting papers with/without the annotations. Could you please help with debugging to import the remainder of these annotations?

  • Do you see those specific annotations on the PDFs in your Mendeley library online?

    What's the URL for the parent item of one of the attachments in question in your Zotero online library ("Web Library" at the top of this page), and what's some highlighted text that's missing?
  • Also, underlines? Mendeley doesn't support underlines.
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    Thanks dstillman, I realised - I don't think a lot of the PDFs are syncing properly to the weblibrary (the file names are shaded in, shows the link icon but no PDF icon)?

    But here's an example file of one that did:[temporary URL truncated — D.S.]

    In Mendeley it comes up with all the highlights. Also yes you're correct no underlines - this must've been from previous edits with adobe acrobat.

    The debug logging says there's 862 lines logged with Zotero (MacOS app)
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    No, I'm asking for the URL of a parent item that's missing annotations — not the temporary URL of the file itself — and for the highlighted text that's missing.

    I'm also asking whether you see those annotations in the Mendeley online library, not in the Mendeley app. Zotero can only import directly from the online library, so it's what's in the Mendeley online library that matters.

    You won't currently see Mendeley- or Zotero-created annotations in the Zotero web library, only in the desktop app. They'll be available in the web library soon.
  • I've done some more investigating, I think one issue is the Mendeley web library not syncing properly so some PDFs aren't attaching.

    I'm going to try a full import again - I noticed a lot of PDFs were missing from the import in the Zotero library along with annotations (I'm trying to figure out if this is a Mendeley or Zotero issue).
  • For those with similar issues, I resolved this by manually export/importing my library because there were issues on both sides.

    My Mendeley web library was syncing like 95% of my files but not all the annotations appeared. From Zotero (desktop), many files were missing the annotations even if they appeared on my Mendeley web library. I don't know the extent of it since I didn't check too many - enough that I was convinced this method of export wasn't working.

    So I just exported my entire Mendeley web library as PDFs (export with annotations) and then added this to my Zotero desktop library manually.
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