Some suggestion for Zotero on IOS ^_^

I love Zotero very much and I always use the iPad to read some papers. However, when I use apple pencil to make some notes on the PDF, I find that I have to delete all the notes to remove them. I think it is necessary to add an eraser to Zotero(IOS edition). And I think translation Plugins are important for users. Thank you very much.
  • I would love an eraser tool as well! Currently experiencing the same frustration.
  • An eraser tool would be really helpful. Feel you all’s struggle as well.
  • Agree on the eraser tool!
    In addition, the native iOS app has a nice highlighting feature: when using the Pencil to draw (manually/freehand highlighting) you can turn your wobbly line into a perfectly straight one by simply holding the Pencil still, without raising the tip from the screen. It would be helpful to do something similar in the iOS Zotero app, as it would make manual highlighting more seamless and tidy imo.
  • An eraser tool is coming soon.
  • @dstillman How do you update Zotero iOS? Is it automatic?
  • Yes, it's automatic.
  • We've added an eraser tool in Zotero 1.0.4 for iOS, available now.
  • Thank you very much! I love it , and I will recommend it to everyone in my research group!
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