RTL language highlights not working correctly

I have many articles in Hebrew. For some, highlights and notes work well and text is correctly aligned. For others, the highlighting is incorrect, as if it thinks the text is left to right, thus producing backwards words in the notes. Other pdf readers treat these files correctly.
I saw the discussions in March 2022 about a problem with RTL support. Any update or idea what may be causing this?
  • We are more or less aware of the issue, but it would be great, if you could send us example PDF files with the issues that you encounter.

    You can send them to support@zotero.org, also including a link to this thread.
  • Thank you - I've sent the materials.
  • Hi, just following up to see if there is anything else I can do to help you on this. It seems to me that it must be related to how Zotero flags the language of a pdf and/or does not recognize RTL languages.

    For example, articles with English headers mixed with Hebrew seem to work completely LTR. That is, the sentence is read LTR but also each word is read from left to right.
    Interestingly, if I copy a highlighted sentence and paste it as a comment in Acrobat, it pastes correctly. If I then open that in Zotero, the letters of each word are reversed in the note made in Acrobat,[In English it would be like reading oretoz instead of zotero] but the comment that I copied and pasted in Acrobat is correct.

    For example, the top sentence below is the backwards highlight. The bottom sentence is the comment made in Acrobat that is displayed correctly in Zotero
    “ימיאל שדקומ הז רקחמ”
    > My comment: מחקר זה מוקדש לאימי

    Choosing right to left in the notes pop-up menu only justifies the text to the right margin, it does not change the word or letter order.

    I also explained some of this on this thread https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/416722#Comment_416722

    Thank you
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