archive/archive location fields are sometimes required for emails

edited July 20, 2022
A U.S. researcher asked me to pass this on: emails are now sometimes stored in printed form in folders, just like regular manuscripts. So it would be great to add Archive and Loc. in Archive fields to the email item type in Zotero
  • FWIW, Letter and email map to the same CSL type, so a letter with type "email" will be cited the same way as an email (with more options for metadata), and I'd recommend just using that.
    Depending on how you look at it, the email item type was either a mistake or is underdeveloped, but I don't think it's advisable to use in its current form.
  • edited July 20, 2022
    Yes, I use letter for citing, with "email" in the type field, and it works great. Maybe email type should be just eliminated.
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