Converting Turabian Footnote to Turabian inline Author-Date Citations

I have a Word document (latest version of Microsoft 365) and the latest version of Zotero.

I created the citations using Zotero as Turabian footnotes. I need to convert them to Turabian author-date format.

When I try to make the change in Zotero I can create a Bibliography at the end of the document but it leaves footnotes in the document and just puts the author-date information in the footnote (or endnote).

How can I convert my document so that the citations are in line author-date and there are no endnotes or footnotes?
  • First, an issue in Word prevents this conversion where citations are in endnotes -- make sure they are in footnotes.
    If that's the case: those footnotes were added using Zotero, i.e. you clicked add citation while your cursor was in the text, not the footnote?
    Could you test this with a single citation in a new document, i.e. just insert in Turabian note, then convert, make sure that works?
  • Thank you.

    Yes, I added the citations using Zotero.

    When I create a new, blank document and insert a Turabian footnote and then change to Turabian author-date it works fine.

    It just doesn't work with my original document. It creates footnotes like this:
    15. (Barbour 1997, 100–101)
    16. (Chardin 1961)
    17. (Barbour 1997, 102)
    instead of inline author-date citations.
  • Hmm, I don't have a good explanation -- if you make a copy of the document and split it in two halves (i.e. first delete one half, then restore and delete the other half), are you seeing the same issue?
  • Yes, @laracyjo, generally, see Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents here, particularly the last step.
  • Thank you. I'll try the approach that you suggest.
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