problems using citations in openoffice 3


I just started using embedded citations in 3 yesterday, and have had the following problem: I am utilizing the Chicago Style, and in the first footnote for a given reference, there is no issue--the entire bibliographical entry is input. And if I continue to use the same source, I see "Ibid., p.". But when I insert a different source between the initial entry and the Ibid's, the Ibid's do not become an abbreviated version of the first bibliographical entry. In other words, now the Ibid's seem to be referring to the new source rather than the initial source. Is there anything I can do? I have hit "refresh" a number of times and nothing changes.

Thanks a lot
  • What version of Zotero are you using? This may be fixed in the 2.0-compatible plugins.
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    I just tried it out and for me this works correctly after refresh (on Ooo 3.1.1)
    One way this could go wrong is if you break Zotero's link to the citation. That would occur, e.g., if you add things to one of the footnotes manually, using the "show editor" field of the plugin. I believe it also happens when you use bookmarks and change pretty much anything in the footnote.

    edit - ah yes, I'm using 2.0b
  • I'm using 1.0.10. I suppose I was a bit scared off by talk of instability in 2.0. Should I nevertheless get it? I have no problem with periodically backing up.
  • I can't make guarantees, but I don't think 2.0 is actually unstable. Do your backups (which you should anyway), but there have been very few (if any) cases of actual data loss with 2.0 reported here.
    My understanding is that 2.0 is pretty close to come out of beta.
    The one part that is still a little edgy is sync (though I'm not even sure that's still true - sync problems seem to become fewer, too.)
  • Alright I'll upgrade then. Thanks for your help.
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