Translator : China Safety Science Journal - multiple issues with embedded metadata

edited July 19, 2022
See for example:

When I use the Zorero browser import icon, the authors last names (in upper case) are imported as the first names' initials. Sometimes the DOI number includes a space where none should be. (The properly formatted DOI links to a Chinese language page.)

The English language page offers an RIS export which upon import to Zotero provides complete metadata with the names in the proper order and with the proper casing. Also, I've yet to find a DOI with a space character with the RIS.

I recommend switching from the flawed embedded metadata to using the RIS.

edit: I cancel the RIS recommendation. About one-third of the records have all of the authors (first and last names) crammed into a single field some with both Roman and Kanji characters. Only the first page is listed (sometimes twice even for the multi-page articles.

Perhaps, also consider for CNKI DOI's (where there is often a space character within the ISSN string) automatically removing the space (or other illegal character). When MODS exports include a DOI with a space character, the DOI is truncated at the space. Maybe the MODS export might be the place to remove the space.

  • We'd take pull requests, I suppose, but given the messiness of the metadata, I don't think trying to write a translator for this is going to be high priority.
    CNKI DOIs are tricky because they don't (at least didn't when I last checked) have an open API, so we'd have to load & scrape from the CNKI results wepages which makes returning results *much* slower (and more fragile). @AbeJellinek could maybe explore (you can get the registration agency from so e.g. -- it's always in index HS1)

    I don't see a space in the DOI -- if it's in there, that's an error in the metadata. Spaces in DOIs are unfortunately legal, but fortunately exceedingly rare.
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