[feature request] Alternating background color for library entries in Windows

On the current homepage for Zotero, there is an image of the Zotero interface for Mac OS that shows library entries with alternating background color and divider lines between columns. It also shows the collections pane with a different background color than the library pane.

My request is to allow users on Windows, Linux etc. to change background color of panes (library, collection, item, tag), add alternating background color for library entries, column divider lines, and in general change more colors in the interface. If there is already an option to do this, I am not aware of it.

  • There's no option for this, though you can apply custom CSS using the same chrome/userChrome.css mechanism within the Zotero profile directory as can be used in Firefox.

    For what it's worth, we follow system conventions here — macOS generally uses alternating rows and a different sidebar color, while Windows doesn't do either. (Compare macOS Finder and Windows File Explorer.) But in a future redesign we might unify the design a bit more and stop adhering to questionable Windows UI conventions…
  • I definitely support unifying the design if it means Zotero will look like the Mas OS UI rather than the current Windows UI

    Hopefully I can edit the custom CSS to fit my current desires
  • Hi all. Any news on this?

    This would be a very welcomed feature!

    Thanks, Zotero developers.
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    The Zotero Style ethereal plugin provides options to define colors for odd and even rows of items
    =Zotero Style (Ethereal Style for Zotero)

    Install the add-on in Zotero, then go to Edit, Settings or Preferences, Style, and enter desired colors for rows
    You can choose colors as AliceBlue or Cornsilk.
    You can also find more colors from here (or search for css colors)
    It is better also to identify the color of selected or active row or item
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    I have been using that feature of Zotero Style in Windows for several weeks now (one of its many features). It's surprising how much it seems to improve the user experience. Maybe I was just bored with the more bland all-white, stock Windows-convention presentation of Zotero ? I tend to change my overall Windows colour settings every so often.

    My colour setting for the odd rows' background colour in Zotero Style is rgba(0,0,255,0.06) - transparent blue. With the background selected item colour set to gray - rgba(0,0,0,0.2).
  • It can also be useful to quickly differentiate between libraries if you are opening more than one simultaneously.
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    Any news on this?
    Yes, we'll be switching to alternating row colors on Windows in Zotero 7. Not yet in the beta.
  • Awesome, thanks all for the comments and @dstillman for the feedback!
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