Cannot link to an annotation location when it is selected

I have noticed a problem in the navigation between annotations in the pdf viewer.
If I click on an annotation, it will take me to the annotation location in the pdf file.
Then, I go down in the pdf file.
If I want to go back to the same note while it is still selected, it does not work anymore.

I have tried to "unselect" the annotation by clicking in the empty space below the annotation. But this did not work.
The only way to "unselect" the annotation was to click on the search bar above.

The debug ID is D1797728791.
  • We are aware about this behaviour, but re-focusing annotation, each time when it's clicked in the sidebar, also has downsides.

    You can unselect the annotation by clicking anywhere on a PDF page and then click the annotation again.
  • Thank you for your reply. Unselecting the annotation by clicking in the PDF page indeed also works fine.

    I am finding more unexpected behaviour of the navigation between annotations:
    Each annotation in the annotation panel shows one line with the page number followed by one line with the highlighted content. Navigating between annotations by clicking on the second line always works. But clicking on the first line seems to be inconsistent, sometimes going to the notes and sometimes doing nothing.
    Is there any reason behind the different behaviour after clicking on the first or the second line?
    The Debug ID is D1271082409.
  • It does nothing when you click on a page number, because it's reserved for double clicking to open page number editing popup.
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