Adding libraryID to a BibTeX export

edited July 15, 2022

I would like to be able to open the pdf files in Zotero from my LaTeX writing.
This could be done using the libraryID of Zotero in LaTeX. This first step would be to provide this information to LaTeX. I guess the easiest way would be to add a custom field in the BibTeX export.
It is possible to do this already with existing Zotero functionalities or plugins? Or has anyone done it already? Otherwise, where would be the right place to start from to do it?

Related questions:
- I have read that the libraryID is the same across devices for a given user. Is the libraryID also unique for different users of a shared library?
- Do I need more information than the libraryID if the item is in a shared library?

Thank you for your help.
  • You can add fields in a BBT postscript.

    WRT your questions:

    1. shared libraries have a group ID and a libraryID, you can convert one into another locally deterministically. All users of a shared library see the same groupID, but the corresponding libraryID is only locally unique.
    2. you just need the groupID
    but you don't need the group ID separately for what you want to do I think. Items in export translators have an uri which is globally unique, because it includes the group ID for synced items.
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