No short citations for multiple citations of same work in SBL Handbook of Style 2nd edition?


I've just downloaded the latest SBL 2nd ed (full note) style for use with the latest plugin for Word on Windows 11.

However, unlike the previous style which I had from several years ago, this one now does not shorten subsequent citations from the same author. The full, long citation occurs each time, even if the same citation is repeated (and even no longer any ibid for repeated citations of the same work adjacent to each other).

I should note that the only thing I did was to edit the csl file to remove the full stop at the end of the citation, according to the instructions on another post.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an option that I haven't noticed to enable shortened citations?

I downloaded SBL 1st ed (full note) and tried that, but that didn't work either.

Any advice gladly received.

  • Do you have automatically update citations checked in the Document Preferences?
  • Hi, yes, I do, and did.

    However, while working on the same Word document now, all of a sudden second citations are shortened. I don't understand how that happened. I had changed styles, done everything I could think of, and nothing worked. But as I carried on working, I just noticed that there are now shortened citations.

    So, the problem is resolved.

    But thank you for your reply.
  • Sometimes things get "stuck".
    Changing to a different style and back forces the full rendering of the styling, if you ever run into this again.
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