Feature request: More search options in the iOS app

The Zotero iOS app is working reliably, but of late I've felt slowed down because of the limited search options.

To search for entries under a particular Tag, I key in the Tag name. But that also brings up additional entries that have not been tagged. It will be great if there can be a list of all the Tags. I could then click on the desired tags and narrow down my search. This would be just like the Zotero desktop.

Second, I notice that searching for the entry from Notes (attached to an entry) doesn't work. e.g. in Zotero desktop typing in "xxx" will pull up entries that have this keyword in a) the title or other details, b) the Tags, c) under the Notes section. Not so with the iOS app.

Do consider adding these features. And, thanks for all the hard work you're doing on the app!
  • Yes, there'll be something closer to the desktop tag selector in a future version.

    I believe notes aren't currently searched but we'll add that for a future version.
  • Thanks for considering this :)
  • I came her to ask for tag filtering on iOS, glad to know that it is on the way.
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