Bugfix in csl.js to make the "Accessed" field available in conditions

Still on 2.0b7.4 the test &lt if variable="accessed"&gt does not work in citation styles.

This issue is mentioned in:

I would like to contribute a fix for this bug but I am not familiar with the zotero software development lifecycle so if someone could submit this fix on my behalf, that would be great.

I believe the following amendment in content/zotero/xpcom/csl.js fixes the issue:


Zotero.CSL._dateVariables = {


Zotero.CSL._dateVariables = {
  • Did anyone manage to take this up for the next beta release (no change on 2.0b7.6)?
  • Lubos - I hope this gets taken up - and your fix certainly is appreciated, the reason it hasn't been incorporated is that development on the current csl implementation has stopped because of the forthcoming 1.0 version - but maybe Dan would still be willing to put it in?
  • Checked in on the trunk. Thanks for the patch.
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