Add *to* zotero from mobile device

So I do a bit of reading/browsing from my phone/iPad, and sometimes come across articles that I'd like to add to zotero. Right now I have to save it in some interim arrangement eg collection on my article aggregator app read by qxmd/Evernote/pocket or the like) and then add to zotero when I am at my computer.

Wondered how other people manage this.

Also whether an "email to zotero" like "email to Kindle" would be feasible as an add on or feature? That seems like the best way if one is not simultaneously logged in to zotero on the same device. No?

  • You can save to the Zotero iOS app from the Share sheet in your browser or other apps.
  • thanks! wasn't aware that there was an iOS app. my phone's an android, so that part remains unsolved.

    have tried it out and it does work quite well on my ipad, so that's great.

    but I still think an email-to option would have benefits - not sure how easy/hard/glitchy it might be to set up (no technical expertise, so this might be very misguided)
  • On Android, you can use the save page or Add by Identifier from the mobile web library.

    We've considered add-by-email but there's no good way to provide immediate feedback of what was saved, so it's just not a great solution.

    An official Android app is planned.
  • thanks for taking the time. the add-by-identifier thing is another TIL, so I'm really glad I started this conversation!

    do take your point, will look forward to the app!

    thanks again
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