Online Public Group Library with Hidden Attachments

Might be missing something obvious but could not find the answer...

Is it possible to make an existing private group public without giving access to the attachments?

To clarify, all references have attachments. They are all synced and we would like to keep it like this for the group members. We consider making the references accessible to the public but cannot expose the attachments for copyright and other reasons.

Thanks for the advice.
  • This is a Public Closed group. Anyone can view it, but only members can access files, and you have to apply or be invited to join.
  • (To clarify, non-members can still see which attachments exist. But they can't open the files.)
  • Thanks, sounds like this is the option to try. It would be better to be able to hide the attachments so that the users would not know that they are there as they cannot access them anyway and for privacy reasons.
  • edited July 1, 2022
    Well, they can access them if they join and are accepted to the group. I understand that may not fit your use case, though.
  • Yes, I get this. The purpose here is the opposite, for them not to see the attachments. But shall work with what we have.

    Thanks for the advice.
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