Problem: Kanopy video & proxy detection

It appears that the Zotero Connector for Chrome runs into a conflict that breaks access to Kanopy video, a streaming video service many academic libraries provide. Most users won't know that it's to do with proxy detection, much less how to disable it for that specific site. Is it possible to update the Connector to ignore all proxy detection on

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Other academic libraries are directing folks to do things that solve the problem, but change proxy behavior globally:

Ohio University:
Occasionally, browser extensions (also called add-ons) can interfere with access to online library resources. The Zotero extension for Chrome has been known to cause such interference with the Kanopy site. If you use Chrome with the Zotero extension, try one of the the following options:

Disable the Zotero extension before visiting Kanopy
Go to the Zotero extension's "Options," select the "Proxies" section, and remove any "Configured Proxies" listed.
SUNY Oneonta:
We noticed that if you are using the Zotero Connector plugin in Chrome, our Kanopy link will not work. Try right-clicking on the Zotero Connector icon at the top of Chrome, then hover over "This can read and change site data" and choose "When you click the extension."
Please note: If you do not have the most current Zotero Chrome addon you may encounter problems with other services such as Kanopy that require a proxy connector. This conflict, if experienced, is resolved by uninstalling the Zotero Chrome addon and installing the most current version.
(The Vassar advice doesn't appear to be true.)
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