[iOS] Highlighting text in PDFs

In the wonderful new PDF editor, it is sometimes difficult on a touch-screen device to highlight text including the end-of-sentence punctuation character (i.e. ‘period’/‘full-stop’).

Perhaps it would be possible to enhance the highlighting tool with heuristics to optionally ‘snap’ to the end of a sentence, or to somehow refine the bounds of a highlight after it is first created (instead of repeatedly clicking ‘undo’ and trying again).

I don’t know exactly how this would work, but precise highlighting in Zotero does seem more difficult than, for example, in e-reader iOS apps such as Kindle or Libby.
  • I just realized that _selecting_ text in the Zotero iOS PDF viewer appears to use the default iOS text selection system, with the blue text selection ‘handles’ at each end.

    A simple solution may be to, when the highlight tool is invoked and some text is already selected, to just apply the highlight to that exact text selection. No additional selection heuristics would then be required as the OS is already doing all of that work automatically.

    - -

    Feature request: in addition to the current behavior, the PDF viewer should apply a highlight to any text that is already selected when the highlight tool icon is clicked.
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