Quick Copy setting to not include citation link when drag PDF annotations?

When I drag annotations made in Zotero PDF viewer into Obsidian it creates 2 links. A "citation link" that take me back to the Zotero item, and a "pdf link" that take me back to the highlight (which is so great!).

I want to remove the "citation link" to make it less clutter in my note (I don't need it for my regular note taking) but I can't find a setting to turn this off.
  • This will be configurable in an upcoming version.
  • Hi Dan @dstillman. This is likely not the way Quick Copy was intended to work (and should be a separate feature request post?), but is it possible to support these features when drag and drop from PDF into text editor such as Word or Obsidian:
    - Retaining the highlight color.
    - Text transformation (Settings that allows appending text such as [[Important]], [[Idea]], [[Example]], [[Definition]] ) to the highlighted text when drag and drop.

    Either of these 2 features if could be implemented would be great!
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