White line below Zotero menu in Google Docs

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  • I am familiar with the problem of the Zotero dialogue window opening up behind the browser and not being visible, but I am not having that problem. When I click on the Zotero tab in Gdocs, a small white line below the tab appears, but the tab does not open. I have made sure the extension is enabled but this has not helped. Sometimes when I restart the brower/Zotero/computer, it works again, but it has not today. Is this a bug?
  • Could you submit a Report ID from both Zotero and the Zotero Connector?
  • Sure, here the one from Zotero: 1341529322
    and the one from the Connector is: 2012623365
  • You should try disabling all other extensions in your browser and seeing whether that helps. If not, try creating a new Firefox profile and see if it works there.
  • I just deleted the other extensions and rebooted. Exact same problem. I'm not really wild about having a whole other profile on Firefox, truth be told. I'd like it either to work with Gdocs or I have to go back to using Word offline, which renders collaboration difficult. I love Zotero and understand that it's community-supported freeware, but boy, it's been a while that it hasn't worked well with Gdocs. I imagine that's probably Google's fault, not the Zotero programmers.
  • No, you should test in a new Firefox profile to see if you still see the bug there. The errors that are being thrown by Firefox/Zotero are quite unusual and could be caused by other extensions interfering or corruption in your Firefox profile, which is why we're asking to do that.

    For most people Google Docs integration works as intended (there's a recent uptick in certain bugs, that we've failed to identify the cause of yet, but they seem to only affect Chrome users and are different from what you're reporting) and it can be fixed for you, but we need to find what's causing the issue in the first place.
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